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„Światowit” is a periodical of the Institute of Archaeology, University of Warsaw, issued since 1899.

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In 2018 the first volume of the Supplement Series U has been published, as an outcome of the 2nd Warsaw Seminar on Underwater Archaeology (2017). Second volume was issued in 2019, which was possible due to the funding from the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education (959/P-DUN/2018).

The submitted papers are a subject to evaluation by the editors’ board in accordance with the editorial guidelines. Then they have to be accepted by the series’ editor. After the editing process the article is subjected to an expert review of the member of the Reveiewers’ Board.


The prolonged enterprise, preparing the first volume of the new supplement series of the „Światowit” periodical, has finally been completed!

Hereby we present the final version of the monograph.

We are happy to finaly conclude this project, but invite You to participate in the next one: in January 2019 we are holding another edition of the conference, and plan to publish yet another volume.

Enjoy reading!

Archaeology. Just Add Water. Underwater Research at the University of Warsaw. Światowit Suppl. Series U, vol. I

Full version:

Archaeology Just Add Water vol. II


MARTIN LEMKE, MARTA BAJTLER, KAROLINA TRUSZ Naval Supply Lines for the Roman Army in Moesia Inferior – Basic Considerations for the Danube Underwater Heritage Project

IVÁN NEGUERUELA MARTÍNEZ, ROCÍO CASTILLO BELINCHÓN, JUAN LUIS SIERRA MÉNDEZ, PATRICIA RECIO SÁNCHEZ The Mercedes 2015–2017 Project: Exploration and Excavation of the Wreck Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes

PRZEMYSŁAW ADRIAN TRZEŚNIOWSKI Do Not Mess with the Apus: Technical and Safety Aspects of the High Mountain Underwater Archaeology

MAGDALENA KRZEMIEŃ, BERNARD HERMES, JAKUB MACIEJEWSKI, MAŁGORZATA MILESZCZYK, MATEUSZ POPEK Petén Itzá Project – Results of the Underwater Reconnaissance in Lake Petén Itzá (Northern Guatemala)

KLAUDIA DAŇOVÁ, MIROSLAVA DAŇOVÁ Significant Crossroads at the Lower Reaches of the River Váh

BARTOSZ KONTNY Axes from Lake Lubanowo (Pomerania, Poland) and Their Possible Function on the Background of Watery Finds of the Roman Period and Middle Ages

WALDEMAR OSSOWSKI, MICHAŁ GRABOWSKI, WOJCIECH BORKOWSKI Shipwreck from Czersk. Excavation of the Large Vistula River Vessel from Medieval Times

PIOTR MALIŃSKI, SŁAWOMIR RADASZEWSKI, PRZEMYSŁAW KRAJEWSKI Underwater Relic of the Battle of the Oder River – Wrecks of a Frontal Semi-Pontoon from the Soviet N2P Pontoon-Bridge Park

PIOTR MALIŃSKI The Lower Oder: ‘Gardens Full of Wrecks’. First Results of Ethnoarchaeological Research

MATEUSZ POPEK, ANDRZEJ PYDYN The Most Recent Five Years of Underwater Research in the Department of Underwater Archaeology at Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń

MAŁGORZATA MILESZCZYK, MAGDALENA NOWAKOWSKA Site Rybno I – Lake Grid Dwelling on Lake Piłakno and Its Micro-Region. Research Proposal

ARTUR BRZÓSKA, ALEKSANDRA CHOŁUJ, PIOTR PREJS, ANDRZEJ SZERSZEŃ The State and Prospects of Archaeological Underwater Research as a Part of the Project Vistula Underwater Heritage of Warsaw and the Surrounding Area. Recognition of Underwater Archaeological Sites as a Part of AZP Research

The publication was possible due to the funding from the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education


Publisher: Institute of Archaeology, University of Warsaw

Editior of the Series:

Professor Bartosz Kontny

Institute of Archaeology, University of Warsaw

Research Interests:
archaeology of Pre-Roman, Roman and Migration Period in the Barbaricum / ancient weapons / underwater archaeology / boatbuilding

Editiors of the Volume I:

Aleksandra Chołuj

Małgorzata Mileszczyk

Karolina Trusz

Editors of the Volume II:

Aleksandra Chołuj

Małgorzata Mileszczyk

Magdalena Nowakowska