Organizing Committee

Magdalena Nowakowska

Magdalena Nowakowska; Photo: M. Sugalska

Archaeologist and commercial diver. Since 2001 employee of the Institute/Faculty of
Archaeology at the University of Warsaw. Principal Investigator of the underwater research
projects in Poland, Kuwait, and at Crimea. Coordinator of UNESCO Unitwin Network for
Underwater Archaeology for the University of Warsaw. Part of the Seminar’s Committee
since the 3rd edition, editor of “Archaeology: Just Add Water”.


Joanna Staniszewska

Joanna Staniszewska; Photo: D. Staniszewska

Graduate of Archaeology and Art History at the University of Warsaw. Enjoys diving,
especially if there is a shipwreck to discover… but eager to explore also dim waters of inland
lakes and rivers!


Magdalena Sugalska

Magdalena Sugalska; Photo: M. Nowakowska

Magdalena Sugalska has vast experience in carrying archaeological work on major projects.
For over 10 years she was employed by the Cracow Group for Motorway Investigations,
where she managed archaeological surveys, supervised documentation and conservation
work. As an independent researcher she supports both land and underwater archaeological
expeditions of the University of Warsaw’s Faculty of Archaeology, other research institutions,
and private companies. A keen photographer, an excellent ceramics conservator/restorer with
experience as a museum curator. She is passionate about the Roman Empire and Caesar as
well as ancient figurines from the Barbaricum region. Punk rock soul!


Małgorzata Mileszczyk

Małgorzata Mileszczyk; photo: L. Trawicki

Archaeologist and cultural anthropologist, experienced in underwater fieldwork in seas and
inland waters. Ph.D. Candidate and lecturer at the Faculty of Archaeology, University of
Warsaw. Her main research interest are the early Iron Age lake grid dwellings from Masurian
Lakeland. Head Editor of “Archaeology: Just Add Water”.


Elżbieta Łuba

Elżbieta Łuba; photo: P. Antas

Elżbieta Łuba – B.A. in Archaeology, experienced in underwater fieldwork worldwide.
Woman of many talents: archaeology, photography, diving, PR, and website management!


Artur Brzóska

Artur Brzóska; Photo: T. Budziszewski

Artur Brzóska – employee of the Faculty of Archaeology, University of Warsaw, diving
instructor, lecturer, and field archaeologist. Fascinated by the archaeology of the Second
World War, explorer of the Vistula’s shipwrecks, fords, and bridges. In charge of the
students’ diving training!



Group of Volunteers steered by the fearless leader, Patrycja Ciesielska: Bartosz
Czyżewski, Patryk Rybczyński, Adrian Zwierzyński, Martyna Rybitwa, Antonina
Bednarkiewicz, Franciszek Komorowski, Alicja Wojciechowska oraz Iwo Pawłowski.